What Patients Say

"I've been going here for at least 7 years now and the service continues to amaze me. Everyone really does know your name, your history and makes you feel welcome. I'm not an especially 'nervous' patient, but they certainly have lots of ways to make people feel at ease. They are also always prompt, which is an added bonus. I'd referred many colleagues here over the years - it's definitely the kind of dental practice you feel good about recommending." – Hilary M.


"West Edge is great! I have never been a big fan of the dentist and when I had my first appointment here it had been awhile since I had been. No one scolded me for not having gone and everyone was extremely nice. My hygienist was very gentle and I walked away as happy as I could after leaving the dentist. There location is also perfect for anyone who works downtown and wants to go over lunch or right after work. I highly recommend West Edge Dental." – Cassandra R.


"I love West Edge Dental! I've been a patient here for 8 years or so and am still as happy as ever. The whole staff is patient, thoughtful, and great at what they do." – Susan D.


"Everyone at West Edge Dental is so fabulous. They put me at ease and have made my smile better than ever, helping me through some pretty icky old injuries - I had a ten year old fake front tooth replaced, and the temporary they made me looked better than the one I had been wearing for ten years! Amazing work, and super friendly staff." – Cassie W.


"I'm not a big fan of dentists but they sure make you feel differently here. I have ignored my teeth for years and got no admonishing from the Doctor. They are just there to help and work out a treatment plan for you that actually works for you. I'm excited I've found a new dentist. The office is beautiful and relaxing. One of the reasons I chose to go here (other than the fact it's a block from my office) is that many reviews talk about the "spa feeling". Definitely there! It's right downtown but you look out on trees and don't feel like you're looking into another building." – Connie W.


"I know this sounds crazy, but I love coming to the dentist every 6 months! This is not your typical dental office...everything here feels very calming and relaxing. Everyone here always remembers my name and asks me questions about things I talked about the last time I was in. I really feel taken care of by the dentists and the staff, and I really enjoy my conversations with the dental hygienists (when their hands are not in my mouth, of course). I strongly recommend this office to anyone looking for a great dentist and a kind and considerate staff!" – Lindsay P.


"I have seen both Dr. Emard and Dr. Leiker at West Edge Dental and have been blown away by their knowledge, care and competency. They have always made me feel very comfortable and have taken the time to answer any and all questions. I even had to be referred to an oral surgeon and while they could have simply passed me off to them, they made sure that my appointments were in order and followed up with me directly after my procedure to make sure everything had gone well and I was being taken care of." – Brandy F.